RC Book Online is easy these days, If you own a vehicle in India, you must have a Registration Certificate (RC) to drive it on the roads. An RC is issued by the Regional Transport Office (RTO) of the state where your vehicle is registered. Earlier, the process of getting an RC involved visiting the RTO office in person. However, things have changed now, and you can easily apply for an RC online in India. In this article, we will guide you through the process of booking your RC online in India, along with the required documents, fees, and how to switch from an old RC to a new smart RC. RC Book Online

Effortless RC Book Online - Get Yours in 5 Easy Steps
Effortless RC Book Online – Get Yours in 5 Easy Steps

Key features of RC & It’s importance

The Vehicle Registration Certificate (RC) is a crucial document that serves as legal proof of a vehicle’s registration and ownership. In India, the process of obtaining an RC is mandatory for all motor vehicles and plays a significant role in ensuring road safety, proper taxation, and lawful ownership. This article provides a comprehensive insight into the Vehicle RC system in India, discussing its importance, the application process, various categories, and the transition towards Smart RCs.RC Book Online

Importance of Vehicle RC in India

The Vehicle Registration Certificate holds immense importance in India’s transportation system. It serves as evidence that a vehicle has been duly registered with the Regional Transport Office (RTO) and abides by the motor vehicle laws. An RC not only establishes the ownership of the vehicle but also facilitates government authorities in tracking and regulating vehicles on the road. It helps in maintaining a database of vehicles for taxation, insurance, and law enforcement purposes.RC Book Online

Application Process for Vehicle RC

Obtaining a Vehicle RC in India involves a series of steps and documentation. The process can vary slightly from state to state, but generally, it includes:

  1. Vehicle Inspection
  2. Form Submission
  3. Documents Verification
  4. Payment of Fees
  5. Number Allotment
  6. Plate Affixation
  7. Issue of RC

Vehicle Categories and Fees

The fee structure for obtaining a Vehicle RC in India varies according to the type and category of the vehicle. Different categories attract different fees, ranging from two-wheelers to heavy passenger and goods vehicles. The fees are determined by factors such as the vehicle’s size, weight, and intended use. For example, two-wheelers have a different fee compared to cars, heavy goods vehicles, and imported vehicles. This fee structure is designed to ensure fair taxation and revenue generation for the government. RC Book Online

Transition to Smart RC

In recent years, India has embarked on a digital transformation journey, and the vehicle registration process is not an exception. The introduction of Smart RCs aims to streamline the process, reduce paperwork, enhance security, and improve user convenience. Smart RCs are digitally stored versions of the traditional paper-based RC, accessible through a mobile app or online portal. These digital certificates are equipped with QR codes or barcodes for quick verification and can also include additional features such as vehicle history and ownership details.RC Book Online

Steps to Book RC Online in India, RC Book Online:

  • Visit the Parivahan Sewa website VAHAN 4.0 (Citizen Services) ~SP-MORTH-WS03~175~8001 (parivahan.gov.in)
    The first step to booking your RC online in India is to visit the Parivahan Sewa website. This is an online portal run by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways.
  • Click on “Online Services” and then on “Vehicle Registration Related Services”.
    Once you have visited the website, click on “Online Services” and then on “Vehicle Registration Related Services”.
  • Select your state
    After you click on “Vehicle Registration Related Services,” you will be redirected to a new page. On this page, you need to select the state where your vehicle is registered.
  • Click on “Apply Online” and then on “New Registration”.
    After selecting your state, click on “Apply Online” and then on “New Registration”.
  • Fill in the required details
    Once you have clicked on “New Registration,” you will be required to fill in the required details, such as your vehicle’s registration number, the name of the owner, engine number, and chassis number. You will also need to upload supporting documents, like your ID proof and address proof.
  • Pay the fees
    After you have filled in the required details and uploaded the necessary documents, you will be required to make the payment for the registration certificate. The fees vary depending on the category of your vehicle, and you can find the fee table below.
  • Submit your application
    After making the payment, submit your application and print the acknowledgement. You can use this acknowledgement as an interim RC until you receive the original RC from the RTO.

Fee Table according to Vehicle Category 

Vehicle CategoryFee (INR)
Two Wheelers300
Cars (LMV-NT)600
Medium Goods and Passenger Vehicles1000
Heavy Goods Vehicles1500
Heavy Passenger Motor Vehicles5000
Imported Motor Vehicles (Motorcycles)5000
Imported Motor Vehicles (Others)3000

How to Switch from an Old RC to a New Smart RC?

If you already have an old RC and want to switch to a new smart RC, follow the steps outlined below:

  • Apply for an NOC from the RTO where your vehicle is currently registered.
  • Submit the NOC to the RTO where you want to register your vehicle.
  • Apply for a new RC by following the steps mentioned earlier in this article.
  • During the application process, select the option to convert your old RC to a smart RC.
  • Pay the conversion fees.
  • Wait for your new smart RC to be delivered to your address.
Effortless RC Book Online - Get Yours in 5 Easy Steps
Effortless RC Book Online – Get Yours in 5 Easy Steps

Final Thoughts

Booking your RC online in India is a quick and easy process. By following the steps outlined in this article, you can apply for and receive your RC from the comfort of your home. If you have an old RC and want to switch to a new smart RC, you can do that too, by following the simple steps mentioned above. Ensure that you have all the necessary documents, and that you pay the relevant fees to avoid any delays or rejections. RC Book Online

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