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How to install Rezervy?

How to install Rezervy? Follow below simple steps to install Rezervy. Make your website booking ready in 5 minutes.

Installation Instructions – How to install Rezervy

Check server requirements – Step 1

 Rezervy Server requirementYour server configurationStatus (OK / Please configure)
PHP Version5.3+7.4.33OK
Session Auto StartOffOffOK

Upload files, create database, import default sql file and configure config file – Step 2

* Upload the Rezervy Software zip in your preferred directory and extract there.

* Open Rezervy/config.php file and configure your HostName, UserName, Password, and Database Name.

How to install Rezervy?

* Also Import the SQL file(Given in database folder. Check image) in your database via phpmyadmin.

How to install Rezervy

Run instance URL, verify your purchase to activate Rezervy – Step 3

* Run the Rezervy Software directory URL in your browser.
* Verify purchase code and proceed further.
* Setup your profile & company details.

Configure business detail and admin login credentials – Step 4

* Configure default Company settings, Payment settings, Email settings, SMS settings to use our fantastic services.

Thats all. Your installation is completed.

Login to dashboard configure services, staff, availability & settings as business requirement – Step 5

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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