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How to configure Nexmo SMS gateway in Rezervy?

Nexmo SMS gateway is popular SMS communications provider. Nexmo is a cloud-based SMS gateway that enables businesses to send and receive SMS messages at scale. It offers features such as two-factor authentication, alerts and notifications, SMS marketing, SMS survey, SMS autoresponder, appointment reminders and more.

Here are steps to configure Nexmo SMS gateway:

  • Login to admin dashboard
  • Go to “Setup” menu from dashboard
  • Under “Settings” go to “SMS Settings”
  • Click on “Nexmo Settings” button and modal will open
  • Change “Nexmo SMS Gateway Status” to “Enable”
  • Configure other credentials detail and click on “Save Settings”

How to find your Nexmo API Key, API Secret and Nexmo From?

To find your Nexmo API Key and API Secret, you can start by signing up at https://dashboard.nexmo.com/sign-up. You will start off with credit in your account that you can test out the APIs with. As you start off with the demo, you are provided with an api_key, api_secret, and a number that is assigned to your account.

You can also find your Nexmo API key and secret in your Nexmo dashboard.

Go to “API Settings” and you can find you API credentials on this page.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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